About me


Bengali by birth and  foodie by nature.That’s me.Born  and raised in the City of Joy,though I still  call India my home,currently I am based in the United Kingdom.My love for food extends well into doing grocery,cooking,baking,food styling,eating, and now into food blogging and food photography.I love indulging in food rooted in Bengali and Indian tradition as much  as I enjoy trying out varied world cuisine.Bong Appetite will bear testimony to my food concentric  life : be it visiting the open markets,rustling up some fusion dishes ,sharing my food thoughts,anecdotes and stories, indulging  in cooking following the methods  steeped in tradition and heritage,eating out in restaurants, or even  trying out local  food  while I am travelling.Come and join me in my culinary journey about appetite for good food.

Parting thoughts:

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” : George Bernard Shaw

Contact me : bongappetite2013@gmail.com


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